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Aims & Objectives

It is the aim of Day Care to enable service users to live independently in their own home, as a valued member of the community, by providing an adequate level of support and care for as long as possible.

It is Day Care objective to treat all service users as individuals with individual needs in all aspects of their care.

All service users will be given the right to:


  • Dignity: members will be treated with dignity and respect at all times and enjoy a full range of social relationships.

  • Privacy: members will have their privacy respected at all times. If they wish to have a private conversation a room will be set aside for this.

  • Choice: members are encouraged to make informed choices. Regular members meetings are organised for all members to make decisions in choices available regarding Day Care.  Staff will assist members to understand choices available and choose the one that is right for individual member. 

  • Safety: staff will ensure that all members feel safe and secure in all aspects including health and well-being and be free from exploitation and abuse.

  • Realising Potential:  staff will ensure members have the opportunity to achieve all they can by encouraging them to interact and assist and use the resources of Day Care, and be given every opportunity to remain as independent  as possible and make the most of their time at Day Care.

  • Equality and Diversity:  staff will ensure at all times that all members are treated equally irrespective of their ethnic background, language, culture and faith. Staff will ensure that the environment is free from bullying, harassment and discrimination.     

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